Tourists who choose to visit Waitomo may be surprised at just how many fun activities there are to try out. These can range from the exciting to the relaxing. There is something for everyone to experience in this beautiful area of New Zealand.

Learning Local History

The entire district has a rich history that is definitely worth learning. Even the name “Waitomo” dates back to ancient Māori culture. The cave systems of Waitomo are not just pretty. They also have a significant historical significance for the nation of New Zealand. People who come here will get to learn about the early English surveyors who explored this once unknown land.

Indigenous New Zealanders still reside in the area. Māori tour guides can provide tourists with fascinating stories that have been passed down through countless generations. This is an opportunity that history buffs will not want to miss out on.


There are few activities more enriching than camping out in the great outdoors. Waitomo has several camping sites that showcase the picturesque landscape. It is also a popular spot for camper van owners. This method of transportation is ideal for Waitomo.

It saves people the time of putting up tents and means that they can move around the district more conveniently. Despite this, many people will still recommend sleeping in a tent when visiting the area. The serenity of Waitomo’s nature is best experienced in an open environment.

Zip Lining

Zip Lining has become a very well known activity across the world in recent years. There are several cave systems in Waitomo that give visitors the opportunity to try this out. It involves being propelled down a steel cable. The line tends to be sloped, so people drop at a reasonably fast rate. Advocates of zip lining get a thrill from this propulsion, which is similar to bungee jumping.

Rock Climbling

The rocky nature of the area makes it an excellent spot for rock climbing. This tends to be done inside the caves themselves. It can be thrilling to conquer a rock wall by overcoming it all the way to the top. However, it is recommended that people have a fairly good experience level of rock climbing before trying it out around Waitomo.

Posting To Social Media

There is a growing trend in recent years of social media influencers flocking to tourist destinations in order to get cool photos. Waitomo is a great place to take plenty of pictures for Instagram and Facebook, especially inside the cave systems. Influencers are bound to find an abundance of fantastic looking areas that will produce exceptional images. It looks likely that in the near future, Waitomo will see an influx of tourists who come here for this purpose.


Visitors will not feel alone when they arrive here. There are many opportunities to meet new people and make friends. For instance, every day, there are group trips to the best parts of Waitomo. This can serve as an opportunity to learn about the different people in the group and make bonds with them.

There is also a limited number of bars scattered around the district. These establishments can be fun places to meet both local characters and other travellers. Waitomo is known as a part of New Zealand that is particularly friendly to tourists.