Before visiting the beautiful area of Waitomo, it is worth learning a few pieces of tourist information. This is bound to make the trip a much more convenient and enjoyable one. Further enquiries can be made to New Zealand tourism authorities who can help to answer questions.


There are some essential things to bear in mind when driving in this country. Many of the roads throughout New Zealand can be narrow and cover hilly terrain. The diverse landscape means that corners tend to be sharp. Travellers will struggle to find motorways outside of major cities.

Most roads are single lane with no barriers. Gravel roads are also fairly common. It is important that drivers go slow and take breaks in order to stay alert. It might look easy to get from A to B when viewing the journey on a map. In reality, the high number of winding roads can slow cars down considerably. It is usually a good idea to allow for plenty of time.

Public Transport

Ideally, it is best to drive around Waitomo rather than rely on public transport. Alternatively, you could go on an organised tour that takes you to and from the accommodation. Not many local people use buses and trains around this region. Therefore, public transport is infrequent and often not very cheap.

There is an intercity bus service that stops off at Waitomo Township. This is the place to get off in order to visit the glowworm caves. Usually, there are only 3 buses a day that get here from Hamilton. This takes around an hour. The last bus departs before 16:00, which can be inconvenient for many travellers. It is not recommended to travel to this area by train.


Waitomo has a wide selection of accommodation choices on offer. There are 5-star boutique lodges and hotels. However, for a true Kiwi experience, it is better to stay inside a “bach”. These are holiday houses that often contain hosts. People who want a more scenic stay can camp out amongst nature.

Respecting The Environment

The people of New Zealand often feel a special connection with the land that they live on. Therefore a duty of care is instilled in Kiwis. This also extends to people who visit this country. It is essential to have regard for the environment by camping responsibly and not littering.

Do You Need A Visa?

If you come from country that does not require a visa, then you will probably not need to worry about applying for one when visiting New Zealand. However, you will still need to present a valid passport in order to enter the country. Passports must, at least, be valid for at least the next three months.