1: The Glowworms

One of the biggest attractions of this region is the glow worm-filled caves which draw in thousands of tourists each year. These small creatures dwell underground and illuminate their environment with dazzling light. Visitors are able to take rafting tours to see these bugs in action. It is truly a sight to behold.

2: The History

Waitomo has a rich history which stretches back long before the first Europeans colonised the land. People interested in this aspect of the district can learn more from guides belonging to New Zealand’s indigenous population. The legends and true stories of the region are bound to both delight and entertain families who come here.

3: Adrenaline Activities

The high drops found within the caves of Waitomo offer adrenaline junkies the chance to rappel from great heights. There are many exciting activities to try out. However, it is a good idea to be both brave and physically fit. This is not for the fainthearted.

4: Mangapohue Natural Bridge

The drive up to this location is truly stunning. Visitors will see an abundance of deep gorges and bridges. The limestone arch takes walkers through an ancient landscape containing fossils. The arch itself is 17m high and one of the key landmarks of the district. It takes around 20 minutes to complete the entire looped walk.

5: Marokopa Falls

This is conidered to be one of the best looking waterfalls in all of New Zealand. Visitors can check it out by following a 10-minute bushwalk that starts at the Te Anga Roadside. There is a handy viewing platform that gives a perfect view of the waterfall. It is recommended to come here after the rain has fallen if you want to see the falls at their fiercest.

6: The Ed Hillary Walkway

Waitomo is not just the place to see some of the best natural landscapes in the country. There is also a quirky museum that showcases New Zealand culture. The Ed Hillary Walkway is found in the town of Otorohanga. It is decorated with a plethora of “Kiwiana”. This extends to Otorohanga itself. It is worth exploring the town and enjoying the numerous displays.

7: Digging Your Own Hot Pool

This is a unique activity that serves as a perfect way to relax. At Kawhia Hot Springs visitors are given a spade and can dig their own hot pool. Tourists should make their visit coincides with the low tide.

8: Sheep Shearing

Waitomo is home to the small town of Te Kuiti. This charming community has been named the “Shearing Capital of the World”. There is even a large statue depicting the shearing of a sheep which weighs more than 7 tonnes. This can be found on State Highway 30. As drivers travel further through Te Kuiti they can spot smaller statues. The town contains several parks that are ideal for picnics.

9: Cycling

Bicycle enthusiasts can also get a lot out of the district. For these people, the famous Timber Trail is an excellent place for a picturesque ride. The trail stretches 85km, a long enough length for most cyclists. They will get to see rivers, old tramways and native woodlands. There are businesses that rent out bicycles for the day. Alternatively, the trail can be hiked for a slower and more leisurely experience.