This website is focused on tourism in New Zealand. The content found here especially relates to the popular destination of Waitomo. This is a territory located to the north of King Country. It covers a portion of New Zealand’s west coast and is predominantly rural. Sheep farming and quarrying are essential industries for Waitomo. However, its most significant economic sector is tourism.

People from all over the entire world come to Waitomo throughout the year. The caves in this region contain stalactites and stalagmites, as well as luminous glowworms which light up the dark caverns. This natural light show is a must see when visiting the area.

Old school architecture is another draw for tourists. Several classic buildings can be visited. This includes a hotel which dates back to the early 1900s. Over time it has had art deco elements added onto it.

The village of Waitomo is a hub for cavers. Visitors can pay for tours and special activities. These can range from peaceful and picturesque to exciting and adrenaline-inducing. This website seeks to inform the reader about the various things which can be enjoyed throughout Waitomo.

Things to Do in Waitomo

This informative section of the website goes into detail about the activities available to tourists. This will help give people a sense of what to do in the area. This is not just limited to sports such as rock climbing and zip lining. There is also information about the social side of the area, including the local bars.

People who regularly post to social media will find this part of the site useful. It explains why Waitomo is an ideal spot for taking pictures and uploading them online. Additionally, there is information for families about the aspects of Waitomo, which will appeal to them the most.

Attractions in the Area

We tell the reader about the best places around Waitomo to visit. This picturesque district contains hot spots ideal for nature lovers. Thanks to smartphone technology, you can check out this information while in Waitomo. That way, you can refer to it when planning the day. Internet data at this location will allow you to do this on the go and if you get bored just play some games on your mobile to pass the time. The attractions listed on here include black water rafting services and high cave ziplining. There is undoubtedly bound to be an activity for everyone to enjoy.

Reasons to Visit

This section lists the nine main reasons why Waitomo is worth going to. It will give readers a sense of just how diverse the area is, in terms of things to do. There are hot pools to relax in and cycle routes to explore. This part of the site explains the more quirky side of the region. For instance, there is a small town dedicated to sheep shearing. Another community called Otorohanga is full of New Zealand cultural decorations, or “Kiwiana”. The information found here should give readers a new perspective on Waitomo.

Information for Tourists

This will be of particular interest for people who are seriously thinking about visiting Waitomo. We give readers important information related to travelling through the region. For example, we warn about the sometimes dangerous nature of New Zealand roads.

We also warn readers about the public transport issues of the area. While there are buses and trains to the tourism hot spots, it is not an ideal way to get around. The different forms of accommodation are explained. Understanding these options will help tourists decide whether they want to stay overnight in a hotel or camp out under the stars.